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Honouring the veterans & casualties of conflict from 1775-1815

Any nationality, Any branch of the armed forces, Anywhere in the world 


Established in 2021, the Napoleonic & Revolutionary War Graves Charity brings together experts from all areas of historical study, along with enthusiasts of the period, to commemorate the legacy of those who fought during the period 1775-1815.


We cover all nationalities, anywhere in the world, from any section of the armed services: Army, Navy, militia, and more besides.


We pride ourselves in offering a friendly environment, that welcomes all, regardless of their specialisms and knowledge of the period, as we unite to achieve three main aims:


1) Burial: When the remains of veterans from this period are unearthed, we work with stakeholders to provide the necessary funding and research to secure the dignified burial we feel they deserve


2) Grave maintenance: Many veterans made it home, but their graves, which are one of the few sites of commemoration that we have left for this period, have often fallen into disrepair. We are undertaking the herculean task of assessing these graves, and beginning to restore them, provided we can secure the relevant consent


3) Education: We are committed to using our research and efforts to make more people aware of the history of this tumultuous period, and the experiences of those who lived, fought, and died in it.  


Reframing how we commemorate the period



Restoring, and even replacing graves, provided we have the appropriate permission, is an expensive task. Assessing human remains and burying them is even more costly. In order for us to give these veterans the resting places they deserve, and the dignity of a proper burial, we hold a variety of fundraising events.

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Our volunteers and historians are already in the field, gathering information to help us assess the state of graves, and find out more about the lives and service histories of their owners.

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We believe that its the duty of those who research the past to share that knowledge, and inspire others with a passion for our history. We run events both online and in person, so that people, wherever they are in the world, can find out more about this fascinating, important period of history, and the people who shaped it.

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'All death in war is a tragedy. Service for your country should be honoured. The NRWGC believes that is as true of those who fought 200 years ago, as it it of those who serve their nation today. We are here to ensure that veterans' sacrifice, whatever its form, is remembered'

Zack White, Historian, Chair and Founder of the NRWGC


Twitter: @NRWCharity

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