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We are a new charity that aims to provide similar care to the dead of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars to that we see from more recent conflicts. Our Trustees represent a range of nationalities and expertise, and we hope to care for the dead from all Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, as per our dates of responsibility.


This includes tidying the graves of Napoleonic and Revolutionary war dead, liaising with local and national authorities to permanently mark and maintain these graves, and to work with the relevant organisations to enable human remains from these conflicts currently not buried to have a final resting place.


We are also passionate about educating others on this period, so that the stories and wider conflicts are not forgotten. Visit our events page to attend our online talks and in person events


Our Objectives

Our objectives, which are laid out in our Constitution, are:

1. To advance education for the public benefit about the lives and experiences of members of the armed services and auxiliary forces who served at any point between 1775 and 1815, irrespective of nationality, by conducting research and disseminating the useful results of that research to the public.


2. To promote and support the maintenance and upkeep of graves, cemeteries and memorials commemorating, and facilitate the burial of the human remains of, members of the armed services and auxiliary forces of all nationalities who served at any point between 1775 and 1815.

Useful Documents & Links

Our Constitution

Our Equal Opportunities, Inclusive and Diversity Policy

Our page on the UK Charity Commission website

Minutes of the last AGM (these are draft minutes and will be approved by members at the next AGM)

Accounts for the last financial year (NRWGC is in its first financial year)

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