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Deepen your relationship with the past, by joining us in our quest to commemorate the war dead


Why become a member?

We can only honour the fallen with your support. when you become a member, you empower us to do more. More graves restored. More veterans buried. More of these peoples' stories told.

Every penny of your money goes directly into funding the work of the NRWGC. But when you join us, you get to do more than make amazing things happen. We also give back to you:

When you join you'll receive:

- A personal welcome letter from the Charity's Chair

- A membership badge

Free access to our monthly talks, which are always held online, so that you can join from anywhere in the world

- Exclusive discounts to our 'in person' events and on our merchandise

- Special deals at military history publishers

If you experience any issues processing your membership fee, please email, and one of our team will be happy to help.


We have found that the system sometimes struggles with AMEX payments for security reasons, and that Google Chrome sometimes glitches, preventing you from making payment. We therefore recommend using a VISA card to make payments, and open the website using Microsoft Edge or Safari.

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